These are our testimonials from satisfied past clients.

Client Testimonials



"My loan officer was the reason I felt comfortable buying my first home.

When I began my search for someone to help me buy a home, I was very interested in certain down payment assistance programs. I talked to two other mortgage brokers who either couldn't give me any details on the program, or told me it simply wasn't for me. Since I was new to mortgages, I didn't feel comfortable blindly following advice without some facts behind it. When I told my loan officer about these programs, he also mentioned that it probably didn't fit my situation. However, the real difference was he gave me multiple interactive charts showing the exact differences between conventional, FHA, and down-payment assistance mortgages. These were built from my financial situation for purchasing property I was interested in. With the charts, I was able to see why he recommended what he did, and understood what the implications of each option were.

This was what I was really looking for, someone who was willing to break done every option as detailed as I wanted so i could make an informed decision. Most agents will simply tell you what they think is the best thing for you to do and dismiss your questions about their advice. My loan officer was the only one who seemed willing to spend the extra time to break it all down for me so I could truly understand why one mortgage type would be better than another. As someone who appreciates seeing all the details and numbers, I can't recommend him enough!" - Mehdi L.


“The ladies are very professional and friendly.  My 2 loans were very complicated with trusts, siblings, construction in progress. It required some innovative thinking to get it all done. The questions were answered promptly at every turn.”


“Personal Service, Competent Team, always available to talk with my by phone (or returned calls very quickly)  They made me feel they knew what they are doing and have my interests as one of their priorities.”